Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Rainbows and St. Patrick's Day

It's been so fun celebrating two themes this week, and since it's one of my favorites, I was glad to use an extra day to do some fun activities with it!  We've been able to do some fun and messy crafts, we've read some really cool books, and learned a variety of new skills.  We've talked about the letter "Yy", the color PINK, the sight word "at", and celebrated the final spot on our ten frames for the #20!  We talked about what makes a rainbow, the colors in a rainbow, making a "rainbow on our plate" by eating a variety of foods, and we made a rainbow with a science experiment too.  We also talked about the real person named St. Patrick, made shamrocks, made leprechaun masks, saw a real shamrock plant, and even danced like leprechauns too!   So fun! I hope you enjoy all of our pics from the week!

Leprechaun Dance

Letter Yy Sound Song

We worked hard to trace and then write our numbers from 1-20 independently.  It was a little tricky to follow these directions, and it was challenging for many to make the numbers, but we're making progress!

We built sentences with our sight words, and we introduced our new word "at" as well.

We sorted pictures to decide which words started with our letter of the week "Yy" or another letter.

We had some friends working on reading books independently with me. 

 We reviewed our color words by coloring our rainbows.  Our coloring is getting much better!


We cut and pasted our shamrocks in order of sizes (small, medium, and large).

We talked about symmetry by painting one side of our shamrock and then folding it in half so the paint could touch the other side too.  They turned out so colorful!

We worked on creating our own leprechaun hats to go with the orange plates (beards) to create a leprechaun mask.  So cute!

We used our number cards to pass out to the class, and each kiddo got to help us count to 20 as a class by putting the numbers in order.  They did a great job! 

We created shaving cream rainbows on Monday.  We put shaving cream in the bottom of a pan, then we squirted paint to create a rainbow.

Then we gently pressed our paper in the shaving cream and paint mixture.
 Then, we pulled it out and scraped off all the excess shaving cream and paint.

 Once the shaving cream and paint were scraped off, we were left with rainbows.
 Some looked like rainbows more than others, but it was still messy and fun! :)

We also created name rainbows that tell a little about each kiddo as well...age, favorite toy, etc.

We also created shamrocks that tell what we're lucky to have.  "I'm lucky because..."

We brought in letter "Yy" items for Show and Tell this week.

We had 2 yoga mats.

We had a yellow pencil and a yellow yolk.

We had a yellow monster truck.

We had a yellow flower.

We had 1 yo-yo.

We had 2 people bring in yarn.

We had 1 Yukon coloring sheet.

We had a yellow ball and a letter "Y" flashcard.

We had 1 letter "Y" foam puzzle piece.

We had 1 yellow hat.

We had 1 Yoda (being held by a leprechaun)! :)

We had 1 Yoshi doll.

We also had a birthday girl this week!

 We enjoyed singing "Happy Birthday" and having birthday cupcakes too!

Mrs. Andrea was prepared for the messy shaving cream activity.  She came prepared with an apron!

We had fun times playing in the classroom...

we love to build things in the class!

We danced like silly leprechauns while watching this funny video!

We had some fun times in the green room this week.

Thankfully, we had a sunny day that allowed us to go outside for a while.  Awesome!!

Hope you enjoyed the pics!  Have a wonderful Spring Break!