Tuesday, September 17, 2019


It's been one fun week talking about delicious apples!  We've tasted them, painted with them, read about them, looked inside of them, and even done experiments with them.  We also worked on our letter "A" skills and spelling GREEN for our color this week too.  I've included the video for spelling our color this week to help the kids remember how to spell it in the future too.  I've also included a song for our letter and a fun Johnny Appleseed prayer that I've always loved.  Hope you enjoy our pics from the week!

Spell the color GREEN song

Storybots Letter "A" Song

Johnny Appleseed Prayer Song

Working in reading groups on reading our color words and some basic sight words too.  Look for these pages in your child's reading folder, and see if they can "read" them to you. :)

We created apples with our paint dotters and then labeled the parts.

We used lowercase "A" to make an apple craft too.  Check these out in the hallway!

We traced letter "A" with apples by dipping them in red or green paint. :)  Messy but fun!

We used scraps of paper to tear with our little hands and then glued them on our apples.

After reading "Ten Apples Up On Top," we drew a picture of ourselves and glued apples above our head.  Since every child's picture was different with different amount of apples, they had to count them with Ms. Nicole and then label them correctly by number.

 We dotted our apple papers with dotters and then traced the word "apple."

We traced pictures and letters in ziploc bags of paint and applesauce.

We took a survey of which color of apple was the favorite, and we discovered that red was definitely the number one pic.

We read the "Story of the Apple Star" and discovered that when you cut an apple across the center, the seeds in the middle make a star. 

We did an experiment to see if our apple would sink or float in a jug of water.

It floats!

We also did the apple volcano by using an apple corer to carve out the center of the apple.

Then, we put baking soda in the bottom of the apple with the apple on the plate.  When we poured vinegar inside, we created a chemical reaction which caused it to overflow!

We traced and then wrote the word GREEN.

We cut out apples and put them in order from smallest to largest.

We used tape resist painting to create apple paper plates.  

 These turned out so cute!  It says, "I love you to my core!"

 On Friday, we went to the room next door to watch them make homemade applesauce.

Show and Tell for Letter "A"

4 airplanes

1 alien

2 alligators

1 arrowhead

1 angel ornament

1 apron

1 apple

1 bag of acorns

Mrs. Nicole told the class about her mission trip she is taking to Romania.  Please pray for her in the next few days while she's gone! :)

Stringing beads on shoestrings

Creating apple trees with paper and poms

Reading time is the best time :)

Playtime with friends

Afternoon Bridge Class Activities

Craft Time

Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters in our Sandwich Game

Playing a Roll and Color Game with Dice

Matching Word and Picture Puzzles in Groups

Writing our letters on dry erase sheets

Handprint Apples

Carmel Apple Crafts

Apple Core Paper Plates

Creating placemats for our lunches

Bridge Friends

Hope you enjoyed our pics from the week!