Saturday, May 23, 2020

Parade of Binders

I'm so glad that EVERYONE was able to attend our end of the year Parade of Binders!  It was so great to see all of your faces, and Mrs. Nicole and I were so blessed with all of your sweet comments and gifts as well.  I hope you enjoy all the binder crafts, book gifts, the photo albums, and little coaster gifts.  I know they were stuffed full inside those bags, so I hope you got a chance to look through all the fun things your child has created and done over this past year.  I've managed to include a picture of everyone, and I also included one last read aloud at the very end of this blog, so don't miss it!  It's a book that I always read at the end of the year (and try not to cry while doing it).  I just couldn't resist a chance to read from our classroom one last time. :)

It truly has been a pleasure to have your children in our class, and I know Mrs. Nicole would agree.  Thank you for all your support at home with your child, and I know you'll continue to work hard with your children to help them be successful in the future.  Please feel free to keep in touch!  I would love to hear all about kindergarten any time!  Stay safe and have a great summer!  It's been a blessing and privilege to get to know all of you and your children! ;)


We had a special visitor toward the end of parade that a few of you may have missed...Scooby Doo stopped by to say congratulations on a job well done this year!  
Congrats to all of the Kinder-Prep Graduates of 2020!

Brylynn got a chance to ride with Scooby Doo too! 
Brylynn will be attending Floyds Knobs Elementary for kindergarten.

Alyssa will be going to kindergarten at Floyds Knobs Elementary.

Charli will be attending Floyds Knobs Elementary next year.

Jace will be doing homeschooling next year.

Declan will be going to Greenville Elementary next year.
Declan managed to have a surprise waiting for me...

 I was attacked with silly string! :)

Archer will be going to Greenville Elementary.

Aiden will be headed to Georgetown Elementary.

Elizabeth is planning to go to Georgetown Elementary for kindergarten.

Crawford will be going to Georgetown Elementary.

Rhett will be going to Floyds Knobs Elementary next year.

Jonah will be going to Holy Family for kindergarten next year.

Abel will be going to Borden Elementary for kindergarten next year.
Thank you so much for the sweet sign for us!  Precious!

Thank you so much for our beautiful flowers and cards, Lydia!  We loved them!
Lydia will be going to Georgetown Elementary next year for kindergarten.

Somehow we missed a picture of Leona in her car, but she was there!  (I was probably talking and distracted.:) Leona will be attending Our Lady of Perpetual Help next year for kindergarten.

Well, that's a wrap for the 2020 school year!  I have one last book that I want to read to you that I thought would be so appropriate for our last day.  I decided to put it on this blog instead of the Read Aloud blog, but remember you can always go back anytime to listen to the other stories too as well as any of the other previous blogs from this entire school year.  Hope you enjoy my last story from our classroom!  I can't wait to see "all the places you'll go" in the future!

Quarantine: Family Time and Learning Time

Well, this year has been an adventure for sure, and unfortunately, it ended abruptly, but better days will come. :)  We didn't get to do all the fun activities we normally do in the classroom at the end of the school year, but I know many kiddos were able to do a variety of fun activities at home with their families to help them learn, get exercise, and enjoy family time!  Still sounds like fun to me!  Here are the pictures from our class to show you some of the fun activities that they've been doing inside, outside, and all around during our time of quarantine.  Hope you enjoy them!  Also, look for the next blog that has our parade photos too! :)


Rhett took a family bike ride on the Ohio River Greenway down to the Falls of the Ohio.

Rhett also got to make a kaleidoscope for a science project one week too.


Alyssa has been helping with lots of baking, and she was mixing up apples for a pie in this picture.

She has also been doing practice at home on her handwriting skills.


Lydia enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt around the lake at Buffalo Trace Park.

She also had a great time playing in the creek at Letty Walter Park too.


Jace did a science experiment and made a bouncy ball.

Jace also worked on matching the correct numbers with the correct amount of items and tally marks.

Jace also had fun hiking at Nine Penny trails to see a waterfall!


This is a picture of Archer hiking at trail in Paoli.

Archer also got to take a visit to Squire Boone Caverns too.


Leona enjoyed taking a walk with her family.

Leona also got to paint with her little sister too.

 Leona also wrote a little letter to me that was so sweet. :)  I love all the letters and pictures that I've gotten over the past few weeks!  I'll treasure them always. :)


Elizabeth has enjoyed nature walks with Dad and her dog Pearl.

She has also had fun bike riding with cousin Luke too.

Elizabeth even got to paint some boxes for fun!


Abel discovered that if he wears his hoodie backwards he has a special pocket for snacks. :)  
That's genius!

He has also learned how to ride his dirt bike without training wheels.

Abel has been working on his math skills and loves doing addition problems. ;)


Charli has loved eating dinner outside with the family.  She especially loves making a fire and having s'mores while asking everyone about their favorite part of the day.

She also enjoyed learning to cook (with her two dog helpers by her side) and learning how to set the table.


Declan has been enjoying some time outside with his sister while his mom continues to work from home.

He also enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt in the woods too.


Aiden has been enjoying some family time with his Dad and grandparents.

He has also had fun reading books with his Daddy too.


Brylynn got to make a Viking hat together with her Poppaw at her new arts and crafts table.

She has also been working on learning new sight words to get ready for Kindergarten too. :)  I'm glad that she remembers that "God is with you wherever you go."  Such a great reminder of our time together during Bible lessons this year!


Jonah has been having fun with sidewalk chalk at her new house.

She has also had fun cooking at home with her Mom too.

She has also had fun decorating and creating her own little castle at home too.  Wow!

Jonah has also gotten a chance to do some hiking with friends to different places too.


Crawford got to do a fun scavenger hunt with his little sister.

He also got to enjoy making his own pizza too. :)

Family time fun

Crawford has also gotten to enjoy some reading time with his Daddy and siblings too.


Mrs. Nicole's family has been doing lots of hiking, looking for morel mushrooms, fishing, kayaking, art, and finding different ways to do school in a fun way.  They've done school outside and used dry erase boards instead of just paper.  They've also enjoyed exploring the outdoors and creating a path through the woods to their neighbor's house 10 acres away.  Sounds like fun!


My family has been playing board games (especially the new game called Utopia about Disney characters).  My kids have enjoyed building LEGOs, doing puzzles, doing crafts, riding bikes, taking walks, having campfires (s'mores included), playing basketball, drawing with online tutorials, doing sidewalk chalk, and just enjoying family time. :)

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Life is a journey, not a destination."  I think we're seeing that right now.  Just because school has stopped doesn't mean the learning should.  We're all learning new things every day, and hopefully, during this time of quarantine, your kids will have a chance to learn even more than what's in a text book or worksheet.  Now, I LOVE MY BOOKS, but some things in life are best learned outside of a classroom setting.  I hope and pray that you and your family are still reading together but also enjoying time together and a chance to experience a journey of learning in a whole new way!  Give your kids hugs for me (and Mrs. Nicole)!  We love and miss them so much!  Hope you enjoyed all the photos and hope you got some new ideas from them as well.  I'll be creating a blog from our parade photos as well for you to view.  Until then, stay safe and healthy! :)